Welcome to brownie-goose fabrics. This page has pictures of all (well, most of them) of my fabrics that you can choose from for your creations. Please use the category tags below to browse this page and choose a fabric so that I can get started making a fun and funky outfit for your little-one! I will try and keep it updated if I can remember, but if you ever have a request, just email me and ask!

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amy s. norris

Spring/Summer '10

Here they are! Yippee how fun, summery, bright, exciting, etc! I have squares drawn around the fabrics that match each other and can go together in an outfit....although please feel free to mix and match as you please.

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1. Fancy Schmancy does have pink in it.
2. Here are some ideas on combos for brother/sister outfits.
Girl: Fancy Schmancy; Boy: Just Peachy, Olive Oil, Blue Lagoon
Girl: Pinkalicious or Geo Metro; Boy: Going Green, Blue Lagoon & Olive Oil
(I didn't spend as much time with this collection getting matching boy & girl fabrics since it didn't really sell like that in Fall, Sorry for any inconveniences.)
3. Fabrics without Pink are: Blue Lagoon, Going Green, Just Peachy, Hocus Pocus & Olive Oil